Thursday, August 03, 2006

natural abundance 43Ca SSNMR

Chemical Physics Letters
Volume 427, Issues 1-3 , 18 August 2006, Pages 201-205

Natural abundance 43Ca NMR study of calcium-containing organic solids: A model study for Ca-binding biomaterials

As a first step for probing Ca sites in biomolecules using solid-state 43Ca NMR spectroscopy, natural abundance 43Ca NMR data of calcium-containing organic solids is reported. The 43Ca NMR interaction parameters indicate small electric field gradients and a relatively small chemical shift range for the calcium sites in these bio-related model compounds. A correlation of the 43Ca isotropic chemical shift with Ca–O distance is found: the 43Ca shift increases as the mean Ca–O distance decreases, with a strong deshielding being observed for calcium with strong Ca–O bonds (distance <2.4>

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