Tuesday, August 08, 2006

JMR: 2D, 1 pulse NMR (TOP NMR) of quadrupoles; Massiot and Grandinetti

Journal of Magnetic Resonance
Vol: 181, Issue: 2, August, 2006
pp. 310-315

Title: Two-dimensional one pulse MAS of half-integer quadrupolar nuclei
Authors: Massiot, Dominiquea; Hiet, Juliana; Pellerin, Nadiaa; Fayon, Francka; Deschamps, Michaela; Steuernagel, Stefanb; Grandinetti, Philip J.c
Affiliations: a. CRMHT-CNRS, UPR4212, 45071 Orléans cedex 2, France
b. Bruker-Biospin GMBH, 76287 Rheinstetten, Germany
c. Department of Chemistry, The Ohio State University, 120 W. 18th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210-1173, USA
Keywords: Solid-state NMR; Half-integer quadrupolar nuclei; Spinning sidebands
Abstract (English):

We show that the two-dimensional one pulse (TOP) representation of magic-angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance data of half-integer quadrupolar nuclei has significant advantages over the conventional one-dimensional spectrum. The TOP spectrum, which correlates NMR frequency to spinning sideband order, provides a rapid determination of the number of sites as well as the size of the their quadrupolar coupling. Additionally, synchronous acquisition spectra of the central and satellite transition resonances can be separated by different projections of the TOP spectrum, with higher resolution spectra often found in the satellite transitions projection. A previously perceived problem of centerband aliasing in TOP can be eliminated with an algorithm that uses larger subspectral widths and the sideband order dimension to distinguish centerbands from sidebands.

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