Monday, April 10, 2006

Phyical Review Letters, Vol 96, Issue 10

Cory's Comment: sticking metallocenes in nanotubes...

Title: Tuning the Electrical Conductivity of Nanotube-Encapsulated Metallocene Wires

Authors: Victor M Garcia-Suarez, Jamie Ferrer, and Colin J. Lambert

Article #: 106804

Abstract: We analyze a new family of carbon nanotube-based molecular wires, formed by encapsulating metallocene molecules inside the nanotubes. Our simulations, which are based on a combination of nonequilibrium Green function techniques and density functional theory, indicate that these wires can be engineered to exhibit desirable magnetotransport effects for use in spintronics devices. The proposed structures should also be resilient to room-temperature fluctuations, and are expected to have a high yield.

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