Wednesday, April 12, 2006

JMR, Dupree, 65Cu and 31P NMR

Journal of Magnetic Resonance
Volume 179, Issue 1 , March 2006, Pages 140-145

Solid-state 31P CP/MAS and static 65Cu NMR characterization of polycrystalline copper(I) dialkyldithiophosphate clusters

Daniela Rusanova, Willis Forsling, Oleg N. Antzutkin, Kevin J. Pike, 1 and Ray Dupree

LuleƄ University of Technology, Division of Chemistry, SE 971 87 LuleƄ, Sweden
University of Warwick, Department of Physics, Coventry CV4 7AL, UK


Polycrystalline tetra-nuclear Cu4[S2P(O-i-C3H7)2]4, hexa-nuclear Cu6[S2P(OC2H5)2]6, and octa-nuclear Cu8[S2P(O-i-C4H9)2]6(S) complexes were synthesized and analyzed by means of solid-state 31P CP/MAS and 65Cu static NMR spectroscopy. The symmetries of the electronic environments around each P-site were estimated from the 31P chemical shift anisotropy (CSA) parameters, ?aniso and ?. The 65Cu chemical shift and quadrupolar splitting parameters obtained from the experimental 65Cu NMR spectra of the polycrystalline CuI-complexes are presented. A solid-state NMR approach for the elucidation of the stereochemistry of poly-nuclear Cu(I) dithiophosphate complexes, when the structural analysis of the systems by single-crystal X-ray diffraction is not readily available, is proposed.

Keywords: 31P CP/MAS NMR; Solid-state 65Cu NMR; Copper(I); Dialkyldithiophosphate

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