Friday, October 23, 2009

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2009, 131 (36), pp 12949–12959

Design and NMR-Based Screening of LEF, a Library of Chemical Fragments with Different Local Environment of Fluorine
Anna Vulpetti*§, Ulrich Hommel§, Gregory Landrum§, Richard Lewis§ and Claudio Dalvit*§#

A novel strategy for the design of a fluorinated fragment library that takes into account the local environment of fluorine is described. The procedure, based on a fluorine fingerprints descriptor, and the criteria used in the design, selection, and construction of the library are presented. The library, named LEF (Local Environment of Fluorine), combined with 19F NMR ligand-based screening experiments represents an efficient and sensitive approach for the initial fragment identification within a fragment-based drug discovery project and for probing the presence of fluorophilic protein environments. Proper setup of the method, according to described theoretical simulations, allows the detection of very weak-affinity ligands and the detection of multiple ligands present within the same tested mixture, thus capturing all the potential fragments interacting with the receptor. These NMR hits are then used in the FAXS experiments for the fragment optimization process and for the follow-up screening aimed at identifying other chemical scaffolds relevant for the binding to the receptor

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