Friday, June 20, 2008

Chemical Physics Volume 351, Issues 1-3, 3 July 2008, Pages 33-36

Double quantum CRAZED NMR signal in inhomogeneous fields
Bin Jiang, Huili Liu, Maili Liu, Chaohui Ye and Xian Mao


It has been well accepted that the double quantum (DQ) correlated-spectroscopy revamped by asymmetric z-gradient echo detection (CRAZED) signal is enveloped in the profile function t2 exp [−(t2 + 2t1)/T2], but this function is too simple to describe the spin echo characteristics of the CRAZED free induction decay signal. In this paper the DQ CRAZED experiment is analyzed by including the homogeneous and inhomogeneous broadening effects, and a formula for the time domain DQ CRAZED signal is obtained. This formula includes the chemical shift echo and the inhomogeneous echo, both appearing at t2 = 2t1. Experiments have confirmed the theory.

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