Monday, May 29, 2006

Chemistry - A European Journal Volume: 12, Issue: 11

Tris(pyridylmethylamino)cyclotriguaiacylene Cavitands: An Investigation of the Solution and Solid-State Behaviour of Metallo-Supramolecular Cages and Cavitand-Based Coordination Polymers.
Sumby, Christopher J.; Fisher, Julie; Prior, Timothy J.; Hardie, Michaele J. pp. 2945 - 2959

Abstract:The synthesis of the three isomeric tris(pyridylmethylamino)cy-clotriguaiacylene cavitands is reported, along with the crystal structures of the 2-and 4-pyridyl derivatives.The gen-erality of a previously described [Ag2 {tris(3-pyridylmethylamino)cyclo- triguaiacylene}2 ]2 +dimeric capsule motif and th [Ag4 {tris(4-pyridylm thyl- amino)cyclotriguaiacylene}4 ]4 +tetrahe-dron with several silver salts was confirmed in the solid state and the corre-sponding solution species were investi-gated by NMR spectroscopy.Host –guest interactions in thesesystems have been probed and these interactions are demonstrated to alter and in-fluence the self-assembly outcome of the reaction.Notably,introduction of larger glutaronitrile guest molecules to the [Ag4 L4 ]4 +tetrahedron system pre-vents formation of the tetrahedral
structure,resulting instead in the for-mation of a 4.8 2 coordination network in the solid state.In the absence of templating acetonitrile guests in the [Ag2 (3 )2 ]2 +capsule system,formation of a cage-based one-dimensional coor-dination polymer is observed.

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