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Rob's journals - Dec. 2005 - Jan. 2006

Rob's journals - Dec. 2005 - Jan. 2006

Acc. Chem. Res. (ACS) - last issue - Volume 38 Issue 11 (November 15, 2005) Chem. Phys. Chem. (Elsevier) -
Volume 6, Issue 12 (December 9, 2005) Chemical Reviews (ACS) - last issue - Volume 105 Issue 12 (December 14, 2005) Chemical Society Reviews (RSC) - last issue - Dec 2005, Vol. 34, i12.
Concepts in NMR
(Wiley) - last issue - Volume 27A Issue 2 - November 2005 (55 - 123)
Faraday Disc.
(RSC) - last issue -
2005, 130, 3 J. Magn. Reson. (Elsevier)** - see articles below - Sept. 2005 - Jan. 2006 ( v.178, i. 1)
Magn. Reson. Chem. (Wiley) - up to Jan. 2006 issue
Progress in NMR (Elsevier)** - see articles below - Issue 47, Dec 15, 2005
Solid State NMR (Elsevier)** - Feb. 2006 last issue

CPC 6, 2005:
In Situ 1H NMR Study on the Trioctylphosphine Oxide Capping of Colloidal InP Nanocrystals (p 2578-2584) Zeger Hens, Iwan Moreels, Jose C. Martins

JMR 178, 2006:
EasySpin, a comprehensive software package for spectral simulation and analysis in EPR Stoll, Stefan; Schweiger, Arthur pp. 42-55

Sample patterning on NMR surface microcoils Ehrmann, K.; Gersbach, M.; Pascoal, P.; Vincent, F.; Massin, C.; Stamou, D.; Besse, P.-A.; Vogel, H.; et. al. pp. 96-105

Hadamard NMR spectroscopy in solids Ashida, Jun; Kupče, Ä'riks; Amoureux, Jean-Paul pp. 129-135

Chemical shift anisotropy amplification with high amplification factor and improved sensitivity Shao, Limin; Crockford, Charles; Titman, Jeremy J. pp. 155-161

JMR 177, 2005:
Rotor-synchronized acquisition of quadrupolar satellite-transition NMR spectra: practical aspects and double-quantum filtration Ashbrook, Sharon E.; Wimperis, Stephen pp. 44-55

Solid state 31P and 207Pb MAS NMR studies on polycrystalline O,O′-dialkyldithiophosphate lead(II) complexes Larsson, Anna-Carin; Ivanov, Alexander V.; Pike, Kevin J.; Forsling, Willis; Antzutkin, Oleg N. pp. 56-66

Fresco paintings studied by unilateral NMR Proietti, N.; Capitani, D.; Lamanna, R.; Presciutti, F.; Rossi, E.; Segre, A.L. pp. 111-117

Progress in NMR, 47, 2005:
Measuring heteronuclear dipolar couplings for I=1/2, S>1/2 spin pairs by REDOR and REAPDOR NMR : 1/2 spin pairs by REDOR and REAPDOR NMR" type="hidden"> Gullion, Terry; Vega, Alexander J. pp. 123-136

SSNMR, 28, 2005:
Multiple-magnetic field 139La NMR and density functional theory investigation of the solid lanthanum(III) halides 139La NMR and density functional theory investigation of the solid lanthanum(III) halides" type="hidden"> Ooms, Kristopher J.; Feindel, Kirk W.; Willans, Mathew J.; Wasylishen, Roderick E.; Hanna, John V.; et. al. pp. 125-134

93Nb NMR chemical shift scale for niobia systems 93Nb NMR chemical shift scale for niobia systems" type="hidden"> Lapina, Olga B.; Khabibulin, Dzhalil F.; Romanenko, Konstantin V.; Gan, Zhehong; Zuev, Mikhail G.; et. al. pp. 204-224

SSNMR, 29, 2006:
High-field QCPMG NMR of strontium nuclei in natural minerals
Bowers, Geoffrey M.; Lipton, Andrew S.; Mueller, Karl T. pp. 95-103

A combined Formula Not Shown RAPT and MQ-MAS NMR study of l-leucine
Prasad, Subramanian; Clark, Ted M.; Sharma, Ramesh; Kwak, Hyung-Tae; Grandinetti, Philip J.; et. al. pp. 119-124

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