Monday, December 26, 2005

CP/MAS article: CPL 2006, 417, 58-62.

A new technique for cross polarization in solid-state NMR compatible with high spinning frequencies and high magnetic fields
Chemical Physics Letters, Volume 417, Issues 1-3, 9 January 2006, Pages 58-62
Weng Kung Peng, Kazuyuki Takeda and Masahiro Kitagawa


The idea of integrated cross polarization which has been utilized for electron-to-nucleus polarization transfer is applied to nucleus-to-nucleus polarization transfer. Instead of using a Click to view the MathML source pulse followed by a Click to view the MathML source phase-shifted locking pulse like in the conventional cross polarization, irradiation with a single phase is applied together with adiabatic frequency sweep from far off-resonance toward on-resonance. This is capable of locking individual spin packets even in the presence of considerable spectral distribution and/or line broadening. Thus, this technique can provide efficient polarization transfer for spin species having large chemical shifts and experiments in high static fields.

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