Monday, January 10, 2011

Inorg. Chem.

Solvent Effects and Dynamic Averaging of 195Pt NMR Shielding in Cisplatin Derivatives

Lionel A. Truflandier, Kiplangat Sutter, and Jochen Autschbach*

Inorg. Chem.
, Article ASAP
DOI: 10.1021/ic102174b
Publication Date (Web): January 4, 2011

The influences of solvent effects and dynamic averaging on the 195Pt NMR shielding and chemical shifts of cisplatin and three cisplatin derivatives in aqueous solution were computed using explicit and implicit solvation models. Within the density functional theory framework, these simulations were carried out by combining ab initio molecular dynamics (aiMD) simulations for the phase space sampling with all-electron relativistic NMR shielding tensor calculations using the zeroth-order regular approximation. Structural analyses support the presence of a solvent-assisted “inverse” or “anionic” hydration previously observed in similar square-planar transition-metal complexes. Comparisons with computationally less demanding implicit solvent models show that error cancellation is ubiquitous when dealing with liquid-state NMR simulations. After aiMD averaging, the calculated chemical shifts for the four complexes are in good agreement with experiment, with relative deviations between theory and experiment of about 5% on average (1% of the PtII chemical shift range).

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