Tuesday, July 10, 2007

CPL Update

Single-scan 2D NMR spectroscopy on a 25 T bitter magnet
vol.442, iss 4-6, Pages 478-482
Boaz Shapira, Kiran Shetty, William W. Brey, Zhehong Gan and Lucio Frydman

2D NMR relies on monitoring systematic changes in the phases incurred by spin coherences as a function of an encoding time t1, whose value changes over the course of independent experiments. The intrinsic multi-scan nature of such protocols implies that resistive and/or hybrid magnets, capable of delivering the highest magnetic field strengths but possessing poor temporal stabilities, become unsuitable for 2D NMR acquisitions. It is here shown with a series of homo- and hetero-nuclear examples that such limitations can be bypassed using recently proposed 2D ‘ultrafast’ acquisition schemes, which correlate interactions along all spectral dimensions within a single-scan.

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