Friday, January 13, 2006

J. Chan: selective excitation and LG CP/MAS

Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Volume 29, Issue 4 , June 2006, Pages 272-277

Spectral editing based on selective excitation and Lee-Goldburg cross-polarization under magic angle spinning

Shing-Jong Huanga, Yao-Hung Tsengb, Yun Moub, Shang-Bin Liua, Shih-Hao Huangc, Chun-Pin Linc and Jerry C.C. Chanb, Corresponding Author Contact Information, E-mail The Corresponding Author


We show that a Gaussian-shaped pulse can be used to excite selected 1H signals in hydroxyapatite, monetite and H–Y zeolite loaded with trimethylphosphine oxide (TMPO). This selective excitation method can be incorporated into Lee-Goldburg (LG) cross-polarization to obtain useful spectral editing opportunity. This new strategy has been applied to identify the Brønsted and the Lewis acid sites in H–Y zeolite using TMPO as the probe molecule.

Keywords: MAS; Solid-state NMR; Lee-Goldburg; Zeolite; HY; TMPO; LG-CP

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